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I’m rereading “Still Life With Woodpecker.” stilllife

A long time ago, I read it, before I knew I’d make a career out of writing (and editing). Ah, words, and the sometimes maddening practice of putting one in front of another, and then another, and the elusiveness they have just when you think you’ve got them all, and in the right order. Sitting at a keyboard, typing, or backspacing, possibly sitting on the delete key, and starting from scratch. (Sometimes you have to destroy the story to save it.)

I remember reading the beginning of Tom Robbins’ third novel, published in 1980, and having my eyes opened. Wow, you can write any way you want to. It doesn’t have to be the way they taught you in grade school.

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dontmakemethinkWith customizing this website, I’m learning as I’m going. This book has some great suggestions, but I admit I got started before finishing the book. That means I’m tweaking and reading, reading and tweaking, and doing a lot of thinking.

It takes a lot of thought to follow the advice of “Don’t Make Me Think.”